Published Works

Davy and Kristin McGuire, The Icebook.

With the inventions of Ipads, Ebooks, and other gizmos I don’t know about, the era of the old paper bound, printed book is becoming a thing of the past. Ebooks are cool and fancy whereas bound books are clunky and dull. If only there was a way of using technology to re-invent the traditional page turning book. Oh wait, Davy and Kristin McGuire have found a way!

The Icebook is magical and breath-taking book which performs its story for a captivated audience. Physically, it’s just a book. A pop-up book, but a book all the same. Paper pages which must be turned in order for the story to continue, etc. However, each page becomes a delicate miniature stage, as characters and scenery magically appear, to bring the charming fairytale to life.

The story is performed by the enchanting use of light projections upon the book. Every page reveals a different scene, each more stunning and elegant than the last. Placing real human actors into a captivating fantasy world. Accompanying the story is an alluring melody of music and sounds which fill the darkened room, and lull the audience into a dreamlike bliss.

Children are delighted and adults are bewitched by the magic of The Icebook. Each performance is intimate and only allows for a very small audience, so get there early to book a seat.

3pm – 5pm and 6pm – 8pm,

Thursday 27th and Friday 28th October,

Upstairs at The Drill Hall

11am – 1pm and 2pm – 4pm,

Saturday 29th October,

Upstairs at The Drill Hall