Artist Statement

A hermetic seal is one that so tightly surrounds an object or space, it blocks the passage of all air. It can act as a prevention and isolate the object from any and all outside interference or influence. This definition forms the basis of the work.

Coating branches, trees and other plant life inside a thick, glossy varnish forms the hermetic seal. Thereby preserving the energy and state of life inside, whilst furthermore disconnecting it from the natural cycle of energy.

Previously shown works have been a materials based study into removing all naturalness, colour, and life. Leaving behind only a fragile shell, which will eventually crack and break, and turn to dust. It will not decay as it should, and not provide the energy for new life.​

Original influences for the work came from philosopher Gaston Bachelard’s Poetics of Space, as well as texts on Zen Buddhist theories of emptiness and nothingness.​